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Business Preparation and Analytics

Start with a clear, objective review of your business –  a valuation, a review of your sellability in the marketplace and the a clear vision of what life will look like after you sell. And then, we look at what operational steps will massively increase your net return when the deal closes and beyond.
Then we try to eliminate deal surprises that will spook buyers or delay the transaction, by doing pre-due diligence and remedying as many issues as possible before they erupt during the sale process. Buyers hate surprises, and so do the best-prepared business advisors.
Whether legal, financial, structural, management or staff stability issues, supply chain or service related, we help you fit the lock for the right buyer’s key.
There is no magic sauce here, just preparation for meeting opportunities and dramatically increase your chances of success at the closing table.
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Business Messaging
When you list a business for sale, four imperative  messages must come in over the noise of profitability:
Scarcity of the business – how rare is it, and many years of work would it take to replicate?
The Synergies that will benefit the buyer – the wow-new-world for the would-be buyer
The reality of Growth under new ownership – defendable five-year projections
The right fit – finding the right buyer often comes down to a shared vision and cultural fit.
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Business Sales

Our common-sense approach and hands-on experience operating and selling businesses are invaluable during the selling process, but more importantly, during the buyer negotiations. Buyers can be brutal, and getting a fair deal and an excellent result is what we specialize in.


Is my information safe?

Yes, We value confidentiality and so should you.

We use cloud-based secure data rooms to increase the protection of any confidential information and accountability of each recipient. Through a secure data room, we can track every single click and action, each individually recorded with the duration the user was active on each document.

Infrastructure Security

  • SOC 2 Compliant Data Center – Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • State-of-the-art physical security and fire protection systems at data center
  • Redundant Virtual Server Environment on Virtual Private Cloud
  • 2048-bit encryption
  • Symantec Endpoint virus scanning
  • Monitored firewall mechanisms and intrusion detection software
How do you approach potential targets?

With tact and precision. Business owners (you may have been one) are typically bombarded with business to business salespeople trying to sell them something. Seasoned professionals often build a sturdy wall and have tenacious gatekeepers guarding their precious time and contact details for a good reason.

Our method of contact is typically conservative and direct, via mail, a personal envelope service or by phone if we have an introduction. With sound research and a diverse web of British Columbian business contacts, we can target business owners on your behalf, often with a personal introduction.

We intentionally restrict the number of clients we handle so we can maintain the intense and bespoke service we provide for all our clients.

To discuss any aspect of the process in confidence give us a
call or request a callback and we’ll be in touch at your convenience.


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