Timing is everything and for me personally I had the good fortune of meeting Saxon at precisely the right time! Not only is Sax extremely professional and knowledgable with business savvy and content, he is also street-wise with regards to the real world. Sax has inspired me to think deeper and to cover all my bases. I would highly recommend Saxon Parker of Advocate Business Advisors.

– Jody Wilson

Saxon was not only professional to work with, but took extra time and effort to help me with the complexities of selling my business. He explained things that I didn’t understand, helped me step by step in dealing with my lawyer and was able to be really supportive when things got stressful. He had my back, which was extremely important to me. Respect and trust are hard to build, but he accomplished both with me. Thank you Sax!

– just_a_roblox_player

With astute input, quick and creative ideas, and intuition that habitually teases out what’s not said, Sax has been a generous and crucial advisor to me as I seek a new business venture.

– Adam Neilson

I would recommend Saxon, easy to talk to, knowledgeable and professional
Thank you!

– Peak to Peak

Earlier this year, I sold my business in large part due to the great effort put in by Saxon Parker. From the beginning of the process through to successful culmination of the deal Sax pushed the process forward relentlessly. His work ethic, problem solving skills and professionalism were beyond reproach.

We dealt with many complex issues during the sale process and Sax never stopped working to find solutions. He kept my team motivated at all times in the name of getting the deal done while the buyer’s motivation was high.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sax to anyone looking to sell a small to medium size business in the Sea to Sky region. The bottom line is that he is the guy who gets results and he won’t stop until that happens.

Thank you Sax. Jeanine and I are super excited to be retired and you had a lot to do with making that happen.

– Jim Davidson

What could have been a very stressful process proved seamless with the expert, friendly guidance of Sax. Our business sold much quicker than anticipated and we feel we found a perfect match! I would highly recommend Sax

– Carolyn Rodger

Selling a business is a very long and complicated process and Saxon was with me every step of the way. I doubt I could have gone through it on my own with the same results. His knowledge and expertise were invaluable and it was a pleasure to work with him. I highly recommend Saxon Parker of Western Canada Business Brokers.

– Cathy Dickison

We just sold one of our businesses with Sax of Western Canada Business Brokers. We were impressed by his level of integrity, fairness and realistic approach. It was very good experience, during what could have been a very difficult time. Sax took all bumps out. Very, very knowledgeable and well-connected. We learned a great deal, and wouldn’t hesitate to list with him again in the future when the time comes.

– Kelly Oswald

We couldn’t have sold our business without the help of Sax and his team. His knowledge, understanding, professionalism and advice were exactly what we needed to get through the tough part of selling our business. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to anyone thinking about selling their business.

– Alanna Volp

Saxon from Western Canada Business Brokers was amazing to work with! From the first initial phone call to the organization and execution I was extremely thrilled by him. His knowledge and expertise in helping people sell businesses is second to none. I learned so much from him during the process that I will take away for years to come. He’s just so personable and friendly. The package that he put together and the contacts leads he had in no time made the process quick and stress free. If you are looking to sell your business look no further. I would highly recommend him. Thanks again for all of your help Sax!

– Nate Solutions

The best customer phone interaction i’ve had from any business in a long time. Was thoroughly invested in my time and even after not needing their services I received information you cant put a dollar value on.
Amazing business knowledge 110% will be recommending to anyone needing these services!
Keep up the great work

– Colton Loberg

Sax is definitely the business broker to contact for your business needs! He’s really professional and personable in his approach and committed to his goals. He’s well informed of the market and most importantly he sure understands how and where to advertise your business according to its specific requirements. I have tried a couple brokers before and there is no doubt in my mind that my business would have not sold without his help and knowledge. I am richer from meeting him and proud to say that I made a new friend.
Sincerely, Thanks again Sax! Charles Goulet, Whistler BC

– ClearSky Window Washing

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Common questions about selling a business

How to value your business for sale?
You can either pay for a formal valuation or we can give you an estimate of a probable selling price, based on previously sold business, in your industry.
The market decides what a business is worth but the most common method used to determine the value for a business is calculating a multiple of EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization), which is a measure of a company’s ability to generate operating earnings.
The multiples vary by industry and could be in the range of one to seven times EBITDA for a small to medium-sized business, depending on market conditions and the quality of earnings. Many other factors will influence which multiple is used, including goodwill, the sustainability of earnings, intellectual property, longevity, transferability, asset values and the company’s location.
We typically seek to confirm the predictability of the business by applying other valuation approaches and calculating the value of the company’s intangible assets, discounted future earnings and what comparable businesses have sold for.
It’s part science, part art and it is designed to allow a seller to make an informed decision, with real market comparables and a defendable market assessment.
Ultimately, the marketplace will decide the real value of a business, but by preparing diligently for the transition, you will increase the odds of achieving a higher multiple.
Why does it take so long, to get to market?
In order to set expectations for a buyer, a business seller needs to provide specific business data and its not just financial statements, but an understanding of operations, management, market value, the companies structure and story. Who you are, your competitors and why they should buy from you. It allows a buyer to see your current operation and then look into the future and see themselves, as the new beneficial owner.
The Confidential Information Memorandum digs deep into a business and it takes time, about 3-6 weeks, but it will generate more interest from buyers, bring more offers and better offers, add value to your enterprise and put more money in your jeans.
The Deal Book also brings speed to a deal, by collecting all the necessary data for the Due Diligence process in advance. This means the Due Diligence can start, as soon as an offer is accepted. A secure Data Room is essential.
Another advantage of being so thorough with the pre-Due Diligence process is that it can highlight problems within your business that a buyer will repel. Many a misstep in Book-keeping, Accounting, Corporate Recordkeeping, Tax structuring could have been discovered, with some transition planning prior to a good buyer, walking away, for something that was avoidable.
It also allows Buyers to make a quicker decision and want to investigate further, which leads to faster formal offers.
How can I massively improve the value of my business?
  • The first step is to find the proper professional support and build a strategy towards your business exit.
  • Knowing what you want after the sale of your company and having an open mindset are extremely important
  • Increase your operational efficiency (boost sales, decrease expenses)
  • Get your debt to equity ratio as low as possible min 2:1 – service your debt
  • Remove inactive assets (90% + 50% at closing) and plan for Capital Gains Exemption if eligible
  • Reduce owner and family dependency within the daily operations, get your management to step up to their highest capabilities, cross-train, build retention systems and plan your employee agreements or understand severance
  • Reduce customer and supplier concentration, build in redundancies
  • Develop thorough Standard Operating Procedures, KPIs and training procedures
  • Increase your customer satisfaction and employee systems
  • Improve your cash flow (extend AP and reduce AR)
  • Develop recurring revenue streams – work on your customer agreements
  • Look at your Sustainability, Predictability and Transferability all through the lens of a buyer who knows nothing about your business

While not all these are possible in every business, each process moves the needle a little higher in business value and ultimately a higher selling price.

I’m concerned about my staff and customers will find out about the sale. How do you maintain confidentiality?

We understand that confidentiality is a huge concern for any business owner contemplating selling their company. To protect your company’s identity throughout the sale process, we only communicate sensitive information to potential buyers once they have signed a Non-disclosure and Non-interference agreement and provided a Buyer Profile showing their current financial capabilities and intent.

The potential buyer will then have access to the business overview and basic financial information. If they move to the next stage, with an accepted letter of intent or direct offer to purchase, they will enter into due diligence and further information will be released. Only upon closing the deal and the exchange of funds, will the complete business information be passed over.

Who is buying businesses?

Depending on the nature of your business and the size of the transaction, potential buyers can come from anywhere; we approach strategic buyers looking for integration, technology or territory, financial buyers looking for ROI and add-ons, roll-ups, private equity groups, wealthy individuals, immigrant investors, industry buyers and business buyers from within our database and through our network of professional industry experts.

Online through the dedicated business buyer network (150+ websites), BCs largest commercial real estate listing sites and a direct marketing campaign to our local buyer pool, that seems to grow daily.

How long does it take to sell a business?

It depends on the business, but the average time to sell a business in Canada is six to 12 months. Typically eight months.
Buyer demand, economic and lending conditions and the ability to create a competitive environment will affect the timing, but it is a long and somewhat complicated process and should not be rushed.
How the business is priced will be a major factor and how prepared the business, the owner and the documentation is.

The industry, business size, quality of management and earnings will all play a defined role in how long it will take to sell the business.

How does the selling process work?

It is a team effort involving multiple parties (probably your spouse and advisors) including your accountant, a transaction lawyer, insurance agents, landlords, other brokers etc. and on the buyer’s side, their whole team of advisors. And us, right there to guide you through the process.

After our initial conversation and meeting, we prepare a detailed business analysis to determine the Most Probable Selling Price (MPSP). We also help you prepare the business for sale, by examining operational processes and any suggested changes that would immediately impact and benefit your business value.
Strategic planning is an important part of the process as we look for the most effective ways to ensure your tax liabilities are at a minimum after closing, your staff are taken care of, and your business interests are protected throughout the process.

We prepare customised sales literature that is designed to address what business buyers and lenders are looking for. We research and identify prospective buyers and market the business confidentially across a broad range of channels to appeal to the widest buyer base. We also screen buyers to ensure they have the financial capacity, that they maintain confidentiality and are a good fit within your buyer expectations.

We then meet with buyers, assist with letters of intent, chair meetings, support the due diligence process and negotiations in conjunction with your chosen legal and accounting professionals.

We are the conduit through which everything flows to culminate in a secure purchase and sales agreement.

We are there alongside our clients from the first meeting to the closing table, and sometimes beyond.

What documents are needed to start a value assessment?

To get started we need either Notice to Reader, Review Engagements or Audited Financial Statements (profit and loss statements, balance sheets, etc) for at least the previous three to five years, interim statements for the current year, an accurate value of the current inventory. A current list of assets, furniture, fixtures, equipment, vehicles, etc with an estimated replacement value of each asset.

We have online tools that capture this data and store it securely and ensure its kept confidential at all times. We then move into an investigative stage where the seller has an opportunity to explain all the operations, benefits and nuances of the business.

To discuss any aspect of the process in confidence give us a
call or request a callback and we’ll be in touch at your convenience.


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