Why choose us?

⦁ Our service is delivered confidentially at all times
⦁ Our service is delivered confidentially at all times
⦁ We work with only a handful of clients at any given time. This allows us to provide flexible and personal service
⦁ We are business transition specialists, and we care about the service we deliver
⦁ Were qualified by the IBBA and BC Real Estate Council. We are one of the few Business Brokerage firms who are both licensed as Commercial Realtors andCertified as Business Intermediaries. This translates into the best qualifications and the widest marketing platform for your business
⦁ WCBB use world-leading international business intelligence and deal databases powered by Pratts Stats, Prequin, Biz Comps, Business Reference Guide, MLS, CLS, WLS and more to value your business and target the right buyers for your company
⦁ As a client, your point of contact will always be our Managing Director who will personally attend meetings between you and your prospective purchasers
⦁ We have an extensive internal database of potential acquirers, both domestically and internationally
⦁ We handle all negotiations, chair client meetings and liaise between all the professionals on the buy and sell side from engagement to closing
⦁ We will split our commissions with other brokers to ensure your business is presented to the widest possible buyer audience without personal motive
⦁ We are a success based firm working diligently in your best interest and only get paid at the closing table


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