Every business has multiple variables that figure into the asking and ultimate selling price. Our brokers have access to an array of business transaction databases they can use as guidelines to determine the most probable selling price (MPSP) for your business. Creating buyer demand and having defendable data will encourage motivated and top-paying buyers.
We use Pratt’s Stats, IBBA data, BIZCOMPS, PeerComps and our own in-house custom valuation tools to get an accurate and defendable valuation.
Building Value – As part of your team, our professional business brokers will be able to identify areas of your business that need attention before being presented to potential buyers. Accurate accounting records, a clean balance sheet, up-selling existing customers, reducing discretionary expenses, diversifying customer concentration and reducing owner dependency are all areas where, as an owner, you can add immediate value to the business.
Business buyers almost always expect a well-documented operations manual.
Custom Marketing Materials– We start with a Blind Business Profile that highlights the fundamentals of your company and sells the benefits of buying your business, without identifying the name, location or anything else deemed confidential. Only after buyers have signed an NDA are they delivered a Confidential Business Overview that highlights further details about the business but not the detailed financial statements. These are only sent as part of the Confidential Business Profile. Each stage of the marketing process is designed to increase buyer demand and generate competition among multiple buyers for your business.
We utilize over 150 business websites to ensure maximum exposure.


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