The Selling Process

Selling your business is a rewarding event, but negotiating a successful sale can be time-consuming, complicated and stressful. The good news is…we love it. We thrive on the business sales process and gladly take on the details so you can focus on maintaining your business and planning your post-sale future.
We are a team of business brokers based in BC. Our knowledge of the local market, combined with a comprehensive internet presence, will strategically—but confidentially—expose your local business to thousands of potential buyers.
One of the most important parts of working with sellers is helping them to empathize with the business buyer. The buyer is looking for absolute consistency and more importantly, CERTAINTY. Buying a business is about evaluating past performance and investing in future expected performance. We can help you view your business through the buyer’s lens. (See below for a list of what most buyers are looking for.)
Our time-tested, sell-side system is designed to streamline the process. We gather all the required information, discuss the best possible deal structure for you (including the tax implications with your accountant), prepare your business for sale financially and physically, and then prepare accurate documentation to value and package your business for motivated buyers who will, ideally, compete for your business.


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